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Power supply systems from Action Transformers

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Action Transformers  are manufactured by ITC Products. Transformers are manufactured with high quality materials for long lasting and reliable performance. Action Transformers are manufactured by ITC products to suit any desired voltage.

Action Transformers range includes three phase auto transformers, 240V-110V enclosed 1KVA unit, 50VA Transformers. Single and three phase transformers are made available by Action Transformers. Open and enclosed types of transformers are also offered in large stocks. Auto-transformers are reliable and suitable for wide range of heavy duty applications.

Action Transformers ranges are manufactured in such a way that it adheres to the high quality safety standards and specifications. Action Transformers includes DC power supplies, AC power supplies, alternate power supplies, regulated power supplies, etc.

Action Transformers are manufactured by ITC Products with more than thirty years of experience which includes perfect designing, prototyping and product development. Repairing services are also carried out efficiently. Action Transformer’s regulated power supply systems are highly durable and reliable power systems that are designed to provide high performance solutions.

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