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Water Conservation Solutions from Action tanks

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Action tanks  is a leading provider of tanks and water conservation systems. Tank models that could be installed both above and below the ground are available from Action tanks. In addition, Action tanks also offers special rain water harvesting solutions for both underground and above the ground installations.

Water tanks from Action tanks are easy to install and connect to the internal plumbing of any building structure. They are available as smooth walled poly tanks, corrugated poly tanks and slimline poly tanks. They also come with standard fit of features and extra optional features. The above ground water tanks are available in a variety of colours and also have self supporting roofs.

The slimline poly tanks from Action tanks are available under two configurations namely the tank only option and rain water harvesting model. Underground models of water tanks and rain water harvesting systems are also available from Action tanks that are a space efficient way of solving the water requirement and usage problem for any residential area.

They can be installed to sit in the ground under the lawn, drive way or paved area. Underground tanking systems from Action tanks are child safe and come with extra safety features that are optional.

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