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Underground rain water harvesting systems by Action tanks

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Action tanks  offers numerous water harvesting systems that can be installed both above and below the ground. The underground rain water harvesting systems are a complete packaged alternative water source system for non drinking applications. They have been designed to be compatible for installation in the ground under lawns, driveways and paved areas.

These water conservation systems allow for collection, storage and re-usage of rain water that can be used for non drinking purposes like outdoor and garden watering, vehicle washing and also as water source for toilets and laundries. The Diversion/Baxter Master model comes with a control box on top, submersible pump, automatic mains water diversion, testable double check valve, computer control unit and a 150 millimetre dia access to tank for de-sludging and maintenance.

The diversion control automatically switches to mains water when tank water is low or during power outage. The Split Master model has a control box located separately under the ground and comes with optional first flush diverter and leaf screen features.

The Pool & Garden Mate model is an underground tank for pool top-up, garden irrigation and car washing. It comes with hydrotronic pressure controllers and is light weight, cost effective and easy to install. All tanks from Action tanks come with child safety features and comply with Australian Safety Standards.

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