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Timber roof fastening tools from Action Fasteners

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Action Fasteners  specialises in marketing roof fastening products and tools for various types of roof profiles in Australia. Australia, being in a zone prone to different types of cyclones that could loop or back track, warrants for roof protection and safety installations. Action Fasteners with its range of roof fasteners, offers corrosion resistant products that are effective solutions for damages caused by high force winds.

The Timber-Tite range of fastening products are specially designed for timber fastening that does not require pre drilling holes. They help avoid splitting of logs and post loosening by driving in spikes.

Timber fasteners from Action Fasteners have superior holding power due to their twenty five millimetre high tensile metal flange feature. They come with Class four coating for wet and corrosive areas and are aesthetically coloured to match timber logs. Timber-Tite can also be used to replace corroded connectors. Timber-Tite Yellow is a variation of the Timber-Tite range that has been designed for timber formwork.

The unique yellow head allows for easy identification in dark areas and can be reused many times. The patented head gives greater holding power and maximum grip. Timber-Tite Yellow products from Action Fasteners are available in a variety of lengths.

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