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article image Fast charging times, long battery lifetimes and can be charged using any 12V power source.

ACTERNA has released the OLP-57 SMART FTTx/PON selective power meter and the OLT-55 SMART optical loss test set. The OLP-57 SMART FTTx/PON selective power meter is suitable for testing, installing and maintaining FTTx/PON systems.

It provides simultaneous measurement at all three wavelengths on the fiber (1490nm and 1550nm downstream and 1310nm upstream). The 1310 nm channel provides correct power measurements of burst-type upstream PON signals. The OLP-57 also allows user-adjusted thresholds for easy pass/fail analysis.

The OLT-55 SMART optical loss test set is an easy-to-use universal instrument with a two or three-wavelength laser source in combination with a power meter that can be used for singlemode fibers and systems in the lab, manufacturing (USB interface), installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

It provides a built-in auto-zeroing function, providing accuracy for very low power levels or high loss measurements. It can also be used as a power meter or laser source with all features of the corresponding OLS-55 and OLP-55 handheld testers.

The handhelds offer a USB interface, allowing for remote control as well as easy report generation and analysis via laptop/desktop. They also offer potentially substantial calibration cost savings and a power supply management system that uses either standard dry or rechargeable batteries. They have fast charging times, long battery lifetimes and can be charged using any 12V power source, including a vehicle cigarette lighter.

The handhelds also offer an extended number of calibration wavelengths and a rugged design. The SMARTStar graphical user interface (GUI) provides fast, easy and straightforward operation. They offer traceable measurements to international standards and quick-start operation. TWINtest and TRIPLEtest allow simultaneous measurements at either two or three wavelengths, significantly decreasing testing times.

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