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article image Acterna ONMS -- 24/7 network monitoring.

ACTERNA has announced the availability of Version 4 of Acterna's optical network monitoring system ONMS (formerly known as Atlas).

Featuring a new DWDM performance monitoring capability, the facility will help network operators make significant operational costs savings while at the same time improving the quality of services they offer.

Acterna ONMS provides 24-hour remote monitoring of the physical and optical layers of the fibre network for efficient and pro-active maintenance, scheduling, troubleshooting and provisioning.

Measurements are made by remote test units (RTUs) installed at strategic points throughout the network, and the data is gathered and processed on the central server. ONMS software provides a wealth of data analysis and network management functions.

DWDM technology is improving rapidly, with continuously increasing channel counts, high speeds and longer links. As a result, fault location using conventional test equipment is an increasingly difficult and complex task. Acterna ONMS' new DWDM performance monitoring capability provides 24/7 monitoring, analysis and presentation of optical parameters of the network.

Optical power, optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) and wavelength drift are all monitored by the system at multiple points on the network.

Optical circuits are identified and can be tagged according to the customer they are allocated to, allowing operators to assess performance for an individual customer easily.

As a result, service levels can be monitored much more closely than ever before, and customer reports generated efficiently.

Acterna ONMS V4 has sophisticated alarm management functions, which can be used to provide early warning of service degradation in the network. Further, the system is able to pinpoint the location of the fault allowing potential problems to be rectified quickly, before service level agreements are breached.

Further operational cost savings are made when the system is used to speed commissioning of new circuits. Revenue is realised more quickly, and the increased reliability of the network increases customer loyalty and reduces churn.

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