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MPEG-2 Gigabit Ethernet interface

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ACTERNA has has announced the introduction of Gigabit Ethernet interface capability to the Acterna DTS-200 MPEG-2 field instrument.

The DTS-200's ease-of-use and modular architecture was developed by Acterna to support compressed digital video network operators and MPEG-2 equipment manufacturers.

With the new Gigabit Ethernet enhancement, the modular instrument continues to support a comprehensive range of test applications and a variety of signal interfaces.

The DTS-200 offers technicians the ability to capture, play and analyse MPEG-2 transport streams in the field, or remotely from the network operations centre, to expedite trouble resolution.

An intuitive web-based client enables technicians to analyse incoming streams, play out known streams, simulate a multiplexer or headend, as well as inject errors to test at the headend or hub.

Its ability to be remotely controlled via a network allows experienced digital engineers to support multiple sites centrally for improved network reliability and increased cost savings.

The DTS-200 analyzer opens up the MPEG-2 stream, providing visibility to the multitude of program information tables as well as the ability to monitor data rates and bandwidths for each transport stream element.

Operators who may have been unable to view the compressed digital video signals of their network can employ the DTS-200 to clearly see the contents of any section of the MPEG chain.

In addition to a stand-alone mode, the remote operation feature allows monitoring and analysis from any point on the network -- from across the room or across the country. As a result, technicians can work from the lab or office rather than physically traveling to the trouble site.

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