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ACTERNA has announced the release of its FDM-100 field data management software, a client application that manages test instruments and results, and ensures test procedures are consistent across users.

FDM-100 represents Acterna's interoperable software platform, integrating efficient data management into all operations by capturing the power of test data as well as continually expanding data manipulation and analysis capability. The FDM-100 is a component of Acterna's TechSync family of workforce automation tools.

"Retrieving test data from the field has just been made more efficient and sensible," said Bill Robertson, vice president of marketing for Acterna's cable networks division.

"With the use of FDM-100 software, technicians now have an integrated storage and management system that really helps the job of managing all the test data."

FDM-100 also allows the technician to view test files in a graphical user interface, and archive files according to the work folder structure of a DSAM, a meter that provides extensive analogue and digital analysis capabilities.

Additionally, users can deploy test results to work folders, and deploy selected work folders to specific instruments. Remote communication from FDM-100 to the DSAM-2500 is performed through the unique synchronisation process, which is critical when managing a mobile workforce.

Acterna's new Techsync family of workforce management solutions reduces the costs associated with installing, troubleshooting and managing cable services.

Implemented on the Acterna DSAM family of test instruments for the cable industry, TechSync solutions provide technicians with immediate, interactive access to back-office systems over existing, paid-for channels, as well as test applications and other Acterna systems.

Open and customisable, TechSync solutions enable operators to control the information passed to the field in accordance with their own workforce management philosophies.

TechSync solutions transform test equipment into multifunctional devices that automate advanced services testing, reduce capital expenditures, and eliminate costly rework.

As a result, technicians can perform more work faster with less cost and greater subscriber satisfaction.

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