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Data analyser security enhancements

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ACTERNA has announced that two additional functions - lawful intercept and intrusion detection - are available on the company's DA-3600 data network analyser.

Launched a year ago, this next generation analyser is capable of operating on Ethernet and Packet-over-SONET/SDH data networks and supporting rates up to 2.5 gigabit/second.

Acterna's DA-3600 is now able to intercept and forward packet streams based on parameters defined by the user.

Designed to meet the needs of law enforcement, defense and security agencies, the DA-3600 has the capacity to analyse up to 160k IP flows and delivers flexible filtering capabilities by IP addresses and keywords.

These new capabilities allow the monitoring and interception of data traffic such as email, web and chat.

With the lawful intercept application, the DA-3600 can search and filter all traffic for keywords suspected to be associated with a threat to security.

When a keyword is identified, the DA-3600 will automatically begin to monitor those users and forward their traffic to a collection device for forensic analysis.

The same concept can be applied to a technique called "intrusion detection," where the DA-3600 serves as an effective front-end tool to filter traffic.

The filtered traffic can then be forwarded to an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for comparison with signature files.

While the DA-3600's broad functions offer many cost-effective and efficient solutions to customers, its ability to address lawful interception and intrusion detection have made it a popular tool for today's law enforcement, defense and security markets.

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