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Acrifix 190 plastic adhesives from Acrylic Technologies Australia

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article image Acrifix 190 plastic adhesives can be used to bond acrylics and other selected plastics
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Acrifix 190 is a two component polymerization acrylic and plastic adhesive, and is available from Acrylic Technologies Australia .

The acrylic adhesive polymerizes completely when CATALYST 20 is added. Preferably used for bonding acrylic to acrylic, the plastic adhesive can also be used with other materials, including; SMS, PVC, PS, ABS, CAB, UP and wood. Once set, the joints will appear almost colourless.

Acrifix 190 plastic adhesives are available in 1 and 4 litre metal containers. The 1 litre bottle of adhesive includes one 40ml catalyst bottle, 3 x 3ml dosing pipettes and 1 x 100ml beaker. The 4 litre bottle of plastic adhesive is supplied with 3 x 40ml catalyst bottles, 9 x 3ml dosing pipettes and 3 x 100ml graduated beakers. The plastic adhesive is also available in 25 litre drums.

This plastic adhesive should be mixed well before application and 3% to 6% catalyst (100ml resin and 3ml to 6ml catalyst) should be used.

Bonds made using Acrifix 190 plastic adhesive will only attain their final strength after 24 hours.

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10/12/2012 - We have solvent adhesives brand ACRI-BOND (replacement for chloroform that is not in use any more) but probably Acrifix 192 or 2 Part adhesive Acrifix 190 may be better for this application. You'll need some skills to apply but not hard to learn. Do not hesitate to visit our web site wwww.acrylictech.com.au or call our office 02 9674 3005

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