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Acrodyne presents the Acrogears range of worm, bevel and spur gear operators representing one of the most advanced and feature packed gearboxes available from one of the top quality gears manufacturers.

Bevel Gear Actuators cover a range from 220 to 26,000Nm
  • All bevel gear operators are thrust accepting with a unique top entry stem nut feature, this permits change out of stem nuts without having to remove the gearbox as well as ease of initial installation
  • Unique “Hammer Blow” function for manual applications, helping to unseat jammed valves
Other options available are:
  • Local position indicators
  • High and low temperature applications
  • Additional reduction gearing
  • Flange locking devices
  • High/low (dual input shaft) as well as dual input at 90 or 180degrees
  • Special paint finishes
  • Various handwheel and chainwheel options

Worm Gear Actuators have torque ranges from 310 to 540,000Nm

  • 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270 degree and multi turn arrangements
  • Single, double and triple reduction spur-gear attachments
  • Aluminium bronze worm gears
  • Buried service applications
  • Splined bushing as standard

Spur Gear Actuators for parallel input to output operation

  • Suitable for gate and globe type valves, sluice gates and any other type requiring linear motion for thrust and torque applications
  • Unique top entry replaceable stem nut
  • High tensile aluminium bronze material providing corrosion and abrasion resistance 
  • Heavy duty roller bearings supporting both radial and axial thrust loads
  • Gears are machine cut, heat treated and ground for optimum operation 
  • Units are completely o-ring sealed
Many other options are available, such as Hand wheels, Chain wheels, Stem covers and Position dial indicators. Acrodyne information and contact details

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