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article image Features torque ranges from 46Nm - 2307Nm.

THE Limitorque Accutronix MX, available from Acrodyne , is the latest product entry in the non-intrusive, double-sealed, smart electronic actuator marketplace.

The Limitorque MX was first introduced to international markets in 1997 and to North America in 1998. Recently, the MX has been readily accepted into all major market segments, including power generation, petro-chemical, and water/waste water treatment.

The Limitorque Accutronix MX is the platform for current and future network developments, including Modbus DDC, Foundation Fieldbus H1, and Profibus DP_V1 and, in fact, is the only smart actuator that offers Profibus_ PA.

The Limitorque MX can easily be distinguished from other smart valve actuators with its patented absolute encoder that doesn't require battery back-up.

Additional features of the Limitorque MX include easy configuration in six languages, patented LimiGard circuitry, which safeguards the actuator from spurious electro-magnetic interference and the device can provide torque output of up to 2307Nm.

Several enhancements have been made to the current Limitorque MX, including replacement of an outdated perforated through hole PCB controls set with SMT (Surface Mount Technology) controls in 2003.

An improved ACP (Actuator Control Panel) with recessed knobs and solid state Hall-effect devices in lieu of reed switches has replaced the original controls cover.

The Limitorque Accutronix MX's place in the electronic actuator market was confirmed in 2003 and 2004 when the Department of Environmental Protection of the City of New York placed orders for over 800 of these actuators. Many of these units are networked controlled using Limitorque's Master Station II.

Also in 2004, the Limitorque MX was selected as the smart actuator of choice by SPAWARS, for use in marine fuelling stations. They also selected to network the actuators using Modbus communications and Limitorque's Master Station II via Ethernet.

For 2005, Limitorque MX units have been shipped into China for use in pipelines and power generation facilities.

Features of the Limitorque MX include:

* Patented absolute encoder - never needs batteries

* LCD displays configurable in six languages, for example, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese

* Torque ranges from 46Nm - 2307Nm

* Double-sealed terminal block compartment prevents moisture ingress into controls enclosure

* Easily mounted to Limitorque's new PT quarter-turn worm gear actuator for 90° valve operation

* Available with arctic temperature and solid-state starter options.

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