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Reliable and responsive drive actuators

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BECK electronic drive actuators, available from Acrodyne , are designed for reliable, responsive control in modulating and open/close applications in process industries.

Beck drives incorporate a no-burnout motor, an efficient spur gear drive train and accurate, durable electronics.

This unique design eliminates the performance limitations typical of electric actuators, including overheating motors, trips, worm gear induced backlash, coasting and other positioning inaccuracies.

Beck-built drive motors are specifically designed to provide instant acceleration and deceleration for extremely precise positioning in modulating applications, these reliable motors do not burnout or overheat even under the demanding conditions of an active control loop.

Beck's digital control module (DCM) provides modulating control of the drive in response to standard control system signals.

The DCM utilises a convenient user interface for calibration and drive status. Hart compatible electronics are available, and it also has the ability to directly receive control signals, eliminating the need for contact protection devices, relays, switches and reversing starters.

The DCM is designed to operate continuously at temperatures from -40°C to 85°C and can initiate shaft movements in steps ranging from 0.10% to 0.25% of span, depending on timing of the gear train. Standard deadband is 0.6% of span, with sensitivity of 25% of deadband, and can be increased or decreased.

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