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Acrodyne introduces The LD300 Series which is a complete line of smart transmitters for differential, absolute, gauge, high static differential pressure and flow measurement as well as models for level, remote seal and sanitary applications. 

The LD300 Series is a robust and highly reliable solution for your process. For flow measurement, the transmitter offers user selectable square root function making it suitable for commonly used flow sensors. The large acceptance of the LD300 line is due to the use of a capacitive cell as pressure sensor, which keeps the digital signal from the pressure reading up to the transmitter output, increasing the device accuracy and stability.

For applications requiring the highest accuracy, the LD300 series offer the model L1, with 0.04% accuracy 
  • ± 0.075% accuracy for standard models;
  • ± 0.040% accuracy for L1 models (high performance);
  • ± 0.2% of URL stability - Guarantee for 12 years; Wide range of pressures, up to 40 MPa (5800 psi);
  • 120:1 rangeability;
  • 100 ms total response time;
  • PID control capability;
  • Advanced diagnostics;
  • Bi-directional flow measurement;
  • Support for DD, EDDL and FDT/DTM;
  • Built-in transient suppression;
  • Low Total Probable Error;
  • Multifunction rotary display;
  • Simple (zero and span) and complete local adjustment;
  • Weather proof, explosion proof and intrinsically safe
LD300 Series are available in three different technologies:
  • HART® (LD301)
  • Foundation TM fieldbus (LD302) 
Transmitter’s Applications:
  • Differential Pressure - LD300D and LD300H Series
  • Flow - LD300D and LD300H Series
  • Absolute Pressure - LD300A Series
  • Gage Pressure - LD300M Series
  • Level - LD300L Series
These instruments can be configured with SMAR software and other manufacturers’ configuration tools. Local adjustment is available in all LD300 Series. It is possible to configure zero and span, totalisation, set point and other control functions using the magnetic screwdriver.

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