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Multi-turn electric valve actuators

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article image The Smartcon actuator from Schiebel.

SCHIEBEL has been developing and manufacturing electric valve actuators since 1958. Intensive research and continual innovation have resulted in products that are both compact and highly functional.

Represented in Australia by Acrodyne , the latest range of actuators from Schiebel includes the Smartcon.

Smartcon is an integrated control system designed for the AB-Series actuators; commissioning, including adjustments, is achieved via non-intrusive methods.

Features of the Smartcon include adjustable speed and torque control, user selectable alarm levels, password protection to prevent unauthorised access, and automatic phase sequence control.

Other features are a "smart" data logger which captures and stores operational event data such as historical force/torque profiles for valve analysis and preventative maintenance, and a multi-language graphic display to provide actuator status and valve position. It also provides extensive calibration and diagnostic information.

LEDs are provided for quick visual indication of valve status as well as diagnostic warnings. For more efficient set-up of the actuator and to access more advanced settings, an infrared connection is provided.

The heart of the Smartcon is a RISC CPU controller to equip the actuator with the demanded flexibility and monitor the system to increase operating safety.

All parameters are stored in an E2-PROM without the need for batteries. Various additional features such as 4-20mA positioner can be upgraded by simply entering an actuator specific code.

The Schiebel range also includes a comprehensive selection of manual and motorised bevel, spur and worm gear operators.

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