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Whether you need an actuator with the strength to handle over 2000Kn of thrust, or a sophisticated control network to precisely orchestrate hundreds of valves, you will find Limitorque products make the task easier.

After nearly 70 years’ experience in the field of valve control, Limitorque actuators, available from Acrodyne, are at work in more than 100,000 sites around the world, automating valves in some of the harsh conditions imaginable: from scorching desert sands to frozen tundra, from rainforest humidity to the stormy salt spray of offshore oil rigs.

Automating industrial valves can help increase safety, raise productivity, and reduce operating costs. You can rely on Limitorque to make it all easier from project specification through to startup.

Valve control is easier than ever with high-tech, high-performance Limitorque Accutronix MX multi-turn actuators. An LCD display provides easy-to-read actuator status, diagnostics, setup information and works with local control switches to make commissioning and calibration quick and easy.

The Limitorque MX also offers unsurpassed accuracy with a 100% repeatable absolute encoder which provides optical sensing of the valve position. The Limitorque Accutronix MX meets or exceeds all relevant specifications of major U.S. and international standards.

It is also tested and certified for demanding environmental and operational conditions, including temperature extremes, electromagnetic interference, corrosive atmospheres, and XP environments.

The Limitorque L120 is a proven choice for any valve requiring either rotary or linear power. Whether gate or globe valves, sluice gates or pen stocks, the Limitorque L120 performs reliably in any situation demanding positive, dependable actuation.

It can be used linear-action in valves and combined with a Limitorque PT-series gearbox, the Limitorque L120 can be used to control butterfly, ball, and plug valves, as well as damper drives, flop gates, or any other device which requires 90° movement.

The Limitorque L120 is factory-lubricated and weatherproofed for service in temperatures ranging from –29°C to 65°C. Weatherproof enclosures meet NEMA I, II, IV, and Vl standards, as well as IP68. Integral controls with printed board circuitry and plug-in modules are also available.

The Limitorque LY series actuators provide quarter-turn valve and damper operation in a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-mount unit. The Limitorque LY incorporates mechanical adjustable stops for 90° rotation with ± 10° adjustment, and can easily be modified for rotation of up to 360°.

It requires no motor brakes or complex locking mechanisms. Declutch levers allow safe handwheel operation.

The Limitorque PT series worm gear operators are designed to operate butterfly, ball, and plug valves, or other devices requiring 90° operation. Limitorque PT units can be manually operated with a handwheel or wrench nut, or automated with an L120 and MX series electric actuator.

The removable splined adapter simplifies alignment with the valve stem keyway for more convenient installation. A spur gear attachment or electric actuator can easily be added.

Limitorque’s B320 series worm gear operators excel in highly specialised applications. Their rugged dependability has been proven in demanding situations, including the nuclear power industry, large damper operations, and power plant flue gas desulphurisation.

Whether controlled manually or with an L120 and MX actuators, Limitorque B320 operators are suitable for any multiturn application requiring accurate, reliable performance. They are used with gate and globe valves, and sluice gates in power plants, petrochemical installations, pipelines and water and waste treatment facilities.

Limitorque's electric actuator products are suited for quarter or multiturn application with torque ranges up to 81,600NM. With over 70 years experience in the industry, Limitorque's proven designs have a multitude of sizes, configurations and combinations to meet electrical, electronic, environmental, safety, compliance, and automation requirements.

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