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Acrodyne’s Harmonic Drive Gearhead Controls Solar Tracking Device

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Acrodyne ’s Precision Motion Control Division is aggressively promoting the full range of Harmonic Drive High Ratio, Zero-Backlash as well as Low-Backlash gears and actuators to expand their market share.  

The unique Harmonic drive principle continues to open new applications in all areas of modern engineering.  

The Harmonic drive is available in a wide selection of mechanical configurations and is used extensively in robots, machine tools, radars as well as any application with a rotating shaft where positioning, tilting and panning are required because of its high accuracy and zero backlash.  

The compact high performance CSF-GH range of gearheads is lightweight in construction making them suitable for use in the positioning of Pyrheliometers and Sunphotometers with a solar tracker.  

The Harmonic drive gearhead’s unique operating principle means that the gear teeth are continually preloaded without any backlash in the tooth mesh.  

Due to the precise movement and zero backlash of the Harmonic drive gearhead, leading solar tracker manufacturer Middleton Solar has improved the efficiency of their latest design.  

This latest design change replaces the worm and wheel method, which was considered to be fragile and inefficient.  

With the redesign incorporating the Harmonic drive, Middleton Solar has also found a considerable reduction in power consumption, which is a critical factor as these devices can be located in remote areas using battery DC power supply.  

These gearheads are also available as compact servo drives with an integrated motor.

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