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Acrodyne launches T A Roloff Spring Return Electric Actuators

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Acrodyne brings to Process Industry Special Actuators for specific application.

In emergency situations, like power failure, pipe-line fracture, dangerous chemical spill, etc, an emergency shut down system is required to open or close a valve immediately to a safe position.

The TA Roloff Spring Return Quarter Turn Electric Actuator distributed by Acrodyne features a unique patented FM system which enables a valve to open or close in one second flat.

The FM function: (Emergency close application)

The Actuator opens the valve at the same time compressing a pressure spring pack through a rack and pinion gear arrangement. When the valve is fully opened, the motor is turned off by a limit switch.

In the event of power failure or external signal from a pressure switch, the electro-magnetic clutch decouples the valve from the motor drive and the pressure spring shuts the valve.

When power is resumed, the actuator is automatically driven back into the shut position and re-couples with the valve. The actuator is now ready for normal operation.

Available in Voltages of 24 V DC and 220 V AC 1 phase and Torque ratings from 25 Nm to 700 Nm, T A Roloff Spring Return Electric Actuators are an ideal choice in applications requiring emergency shut down of valves in as much as 1 second.

Valve position feedback is achieved with additional limit switches as an option. Explosion proof version is available with Atex Certification.

Acrodyne’s diverse product range is backed by a competent and well trained sales team to provide good customer service and technical support in the business.

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