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Acro-Torq portable valve actuators from Acrodyne

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article image Acro-Torq portable valve actuator
Acrodyne  presents Acro-Torq portable valve actuators designed specifically for actuating valves in the field.
The new Acro-Torq valve actuators are truly portable, requiring no additional power source other than their self-contained rechargeable batteries.
The use of one relatively low cost actuator to operate a number of valves compared to discrete, hard wired and direct coupled actuators for each valve has distinct operational and economical advantages.
Using one portable actuator to operate a host of valves is certainly more practical especially in situations where infrequent valve operation will not justify installation of a permanent actuator, or the provision of power source is impractical or uneconomical.
With many valves in the field being designed for manual operation due to their limited usage, operators are sometime required to manually operate valves requiring hundreds or thousands of turns to open or close. The Acro-Torq portable valve actuators address the current OH&S issues experienced in the field by minimising fatigue and the possibility of injury to workers.
Key benefits of Acro-Torq portable valve actuators:
  • Simple operation with speed control feature
  • Easily reversible for opening and closing of valves
  • Can be adapted to almost any valve or gearbox combination by means of dedicated couplings
  • Torque control simply addressed by the inclusion of Acro-Gears Aunspach torque limiter
  • Acrodyne range of gearboxes, mounting and accessories available to assist in safe operation
  • Three models ranging from battery to higher torque capacity 4 stroke petrol versions
  • Tested, approved and certified by TUV (Germany) for specific use in valve actuation

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