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Acoustic wall lining and enclosures from Acran

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Acoustic Enclosures from Acran are made from modular design acoustic panel systems which help in controlling the level of noise. This system is ideal for both interior and exterior applications.

Acran Acoustic Enclosures are custom designed to meet the specifications as required by the customers. Acoustic Enclosures from Acran achieves performance between 15dB (A) to 25dB (A). Acran Acoustic Enclosures are used in personnel shelters, observation and control rooms, air conditioning and refrigeration plants, manufacturing equipment, compressors, blowers and fans, pump installations.

The benefits of using Acoustic Enclosure is that it is tested according to Australian standards, it comes with a range of access doors, windows and panels and its ventilation options include acoustic louvers and attenuators. This enclosure is also flexible and can be demounted.

Acoustic Wall Lining from Acran is manufactured to produce a high performance wall lining treatment with a better finish. If a wall is not provided with an acoustic wall lining, it produces echoes in the surrounding areas. Acoustic Wall Lining reduces this reverberation and provides an acoustic environment within the space provided.

Wall lining is ideal for auditoriums, music halls, plant rooms, factories and workshops, control rooms, music studios and research laboratories.

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