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Press brake available from Acra Machinery

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Decision to buy a new press brake could come from many reasons like, replacing an old style machine, new work for a big contract, business expansion, business start-up and many others.

The decision process on which new press brake to buy can be a daunting one. There are so many suppliers, and so many brands to choose from, multiple levels of control systems and many combinations of back gauge axis.

What features do you need, what features do you want, what is the payback time, how easy is the machine to use, how often do I need to change the tooling? These are just a few of the many things to take into account when purchasing your new press brake.

Your choice for new press brakes is made easier by the team at Acra Machinery. Jeff, Jim, Peter and Rene are the Australian leaders in the selection, supply, installation and service of your new press brake.

A combined experience of almost 100 years in sheetmetal, there is no better team to partner with for your ongoing machinery requirements.

Every industry has its own distinct requirements when it comes to machinery specification and Acra Machinery can help with this selection.

For instance: High precision, high volume, light sheetmetal needs fast approach and retract speeds, highly accurate 6-axis back gauges for the lowest cycle time possible, specific tooling and a control system that can integrate with your CAD/CAM package.

Heavy fabrication may require less sophisticated backgauges but may need CNC table crowning for fold straightness and front gauges for material positioning.

Light-pole fabrication will need a pair of press brakes in tandem, huge tonnage, large daylight opening, tall tooling and tapering backgauges.

Durma is a manufacturer of Press Brakes, Guillotines, Turret Punches, Punch and Shears, and Notchers, producing in excess of 5100 machines annually, with that number rising every year.

A newly extended factory, bringing a total of over 155,000 square meters (and 1100 staff) will allow this number to increase even further.

Durma uses high tensile steel in the structural components of every machine. Once cut and fabricated the frame is then stress relieved, then the entire fabrication is machined in one set up on one of their long length CNC bed mills; lengths of 8, 10, 12 and 14 metres, and one at 20 metres.

Machining the bodies as a finished fabrication results in a frame which is dimensionally highly accurate. Dedicated spray booths keep the painting process separate from the rest of the factory resulting in ultra-clean conditions for assembly.

All world standard control systems can be fitted to the machines, including Cyberlec and Delem, LazerSafe controllers for safety and robot interfaces for the ultimate in Lean Manufacturing.

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