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LazerSafe block laser guarding available from Acra Machinery

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As one of the world’s leading sheetmetal and fabrication machinery manufacturers, Durma recognises the importance of adopting a high level of technology into its press brakes. Lazer Safe’s press brake control, safety and guarding technology has provided a suitable solution to streamline and enhance the operation, functionality, safety, performance and productivity of Durma machines. To further enhance machine productivity and operator safety, Lazer Safe has developed a new guarding solution.

The LZS-005 press brake guarding system comprises a laser transmitter and digital camera receiver, which are fitted to the pressing beam at either end of the press brake. The laser transmitter projects a class 1, block shape laser around the punch and the digital camera receiver captures and processes image data from within the laser field.

The system detects the position of the punch and automatically defines a safety zone around the punch tip. This safety zone is automatically defined whenever a different punch is used, making set-up and adjustment quick and simple.

As the tools close in high speed, the safety zone is used to detect an operator’s hands and fingers entering the hazardous area between and around the tools. The LZS-005 is able to differentiate between a dangerous obstruction to the safety zone such as hands, fingers or objects left on the die and the work piece. Using data received from the CNC system the LZS-005 automatically checks and confirms the material position and mute point without any stopping or operator interaction. The operator can safely hold the work piece close to the tools as they close at high speed without any interference or stopping.

Another important productivity benefit is the reduced 2mm mute point. This allows the tools to safely close at high speed until the punch is just 2mm above the surface of the material. This feature significantly reduces cycle times over machines fitted with third party guarding systems, which have much larger slow speed distances.

All functions of the LZS-005 are fully integrated into the CNC system, allowing the operator to select and customise modes in the bend program to suit each individual work piece, resulting in maximum productivity and operator safety. As with all Lazer Safe systems the LZS-005 is designed, built and certified to high international safety standards.

As an option, the Lazer Safe IMG-100 Imaging Package can be supplied with the LZS-005 Guarding System. Images captured from the digital camera are processed to provide additional functions such as tool and material recognition, material thickness measurement and bend angle confirmation. The LZS-005 will be available with Durma press brakes from February 2008. The product is available from Acra Machinery .

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