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Jorns long length bending machines from Acra Machinery

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The new modules JUNIOR, NORMA-LINE, MAXI-LINE, SUPER-LINE, and MULTI-LINE are resulting developments of the existing bending machines product range from Acra Machinery .

The challenges set by customers' applications are pushing engineering. In order to meet these exacting requirements Acra Machinery use the latest production technology including laser technology, welding robots and CNC - drilling - centres. This enables production of robust bending machines capable of extended continuous service.

Standard features of Acra Machinery bending machines 

  • Robot Welded Main Frames and Overarms
  • CNC Machined Top and Bottom Beams and Apron
  • Constant Product Developement
  • CNC500 Controller is Full CNC with bend simulations

Jorns Twin-Matic

Up to now, several assistants were required for reversing or turning the profile when bending long and heavy sheet components. Which is why the development department at Acra Machinery set out firstly to increase sheet bending productivity and secondly to render the work safer.

Acra Machinery's 30 year experience in sheet metal processing forms the basis for all new developments.

Positive-negative bending using two bending cheeks renders the TwinMatic and the TwinBend twice as fast as traditional bending machines.

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