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Jorns Slitter Folder available from Acra Machinery

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Jorns AG has been manufacturing metal-working machines for over thirty years. That means thirty years of absolute quality and innovation.

Jorns AG was established in 1973 with 5 employees. Today, Jorns AG is a manufacturer of long bending machines, or Slitter Folders. Jorns AG manufactures Slitter Folders and Slitting Machines.

Jorns AG does not manufacture roll-formers and it does not manufacture luggage scanning equipment. Jorns AG innovates with its machines, never imitate. 

Acra has proposed some additions to the control system which it has now included in the CNC 500 controller for Australia.

The folders are the absolute pinnacle of design. The over arms are large, sturdy and wide. The extra width helps to distribute the load onto the clamping beam, assisting not only normal folding accuracy but rolled edges as well.

The clamping beam itself is fully CNC machined and features a light sine-wave profile of the bending point. This was developed to ensure that rolled edges are much straighter than what is possible with a perfectly straight edge.

The sine-wave profile sits slightly out between the over arms, and slightly in where the over arms meet the clamp beam. This design allows for the deflection that is present in all long folders.

The CNC500 controller has had millions of Euros invested in it to ensure it is ideal that can be offered on folding machines. CNC500 (and its big brother CNC5000) utilises the Copra bend simulation software as a base.

Users enter the information graphically into the controller and the CNC500 provides a perfect cut length including allowances for bending radius. Programming the CNC500 is simplicity itself with easy to understand symbols and straight forward programming logic.

The CNC5000 includes additional functionality including automatic fault finding, photographic display of potential faults including instructions for repair and maintenance.

The CNC5000 also allows the fitment of a tapered back gauge unit. Imagine not having to mark out tapered box gutters anymore. The folders come in sizes ranging from 3 metres to 12 and in capacities from 1.00mm up to 3.00mm.

When Jorns AG specifies a capacity it specifies the machine to run at maximum capacity all day, every day.

To cater for the common market of users who normally run up to 1.25mm but occasionally need to process 1.50mm, Jorns AG has released a medium machine in between the 1.25 and 1.50mm machines. This machine features up rated hydraulics and cylinders.

It also features mechanical radius adjustment as a standard item. This machine is good value for the Australian market.

Other innovations include the tapered back gauge unit, dual position back gauges which operate to the full depth of machine throat (unlike many competitors) and solenoid operated fingers on the back gauge which can be adjusted to any position on the back gauge without interfering with other functions.

Jorns AG produces over 240 Slitter Folders per year. Jorns AG’s recent release of the Twin-Matic further illustrates Jorns AG's innovation and commitment to possible machinery for long sheet bending.

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