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E series press brake available from Acra Machinery

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E series press brakes bring affordable Y1 and Y2 true closed loop ram positioning technology to the marketplace. Versatility and precision are now affordable and available to all customers requiring a press brake. The E series press brakes eliminate any further need to compromise on technology in your next press brake purchase.

The closed loop Y1 and Y2 system provides programmability of all ram speeds and positions. When forming large sheets the operator can program the pressing speed to a slow creep eliminating any part whip up, which can cause a dishing or bowing effect in the bed angle area.

The Y1 and Y2 system also provides a program of a slow return speed for a short distance on the return of the ram and then pause; this along with the slow pressing speed makes handling of these large sheets much easier. Programmable ram tilts for fade out or conical work and built-in features for accurate progressive or stage work are also features of this E series press brake.

Standard features of the E series press brake are:

  • Heavy duty welded steel fabricated frame ensures maximum rigidity
  • Beam made from a high quality heavy duty plate steel to give minimum deflection
  • Extended beam guides keep the top beam accurately aligned. These guides are self lubricating
  • Y1, Y2 and X 3 axis synchro CNC
  • NC control system
  • European clamping system
  • Top and bottom tool European style
  • Motorised ball screw backgauge, linear guide way
  • Sheet support arms with T-Slot and tilting stop
  • Height adjustable backgauge fingers

Optional features of the E series press brake are:

  • R-axis
  • Manual table crowning
  • Motorised table crowning
  • CNC controlled motorised table crowning
  • Hydraulic tool clamping
  • Special throat depth
  • Light curtain or laser safety system
  • Quick release clamping
  • 1000 mm backgauge

The E series press brake is available from Acra Machinery.

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