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Corrugated iron curving rolls from Acra Machinery

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The water situation in Australia is pretty serious, drought conditions, water restrictions, farmers in strife. In residential life, people are making a genuine effort to reduce their water consumption as much as possible.

Water tanks are a boom industry now, with sales split between the simple poly tanks and the more attractive Corrugated Iron tanks.

Acra Machinery  has been inundated with requests for curving rolls to suit Corrugated Iron and it has been able to source a full CNC corro curving machine. The machine is able to roll corrugated iron down to a 160mm radius. That is small enough for the compact under-eave style tanks which are advertised in all Medias, including prime time TV.

The full CNC Corrugated iron curving roll is compact yet highly accurate.

The machine features precision profiled, chromed and polished rollers with full CNC control. You enter the radius you require, insert material and the machine does the rest.

For those who are not familiar with the previous method of corrugated curving, here is a brief run down. First the blank is inserted into the rollers and driven or wound to the appropriate spot on the steel.

The operator then cranks the top rolls down a bit and rolls the steel through the machine. The operator then cranks the top roller down a bit more, and rolls the steel through again.

This is repeated for as many times as is needed to form the curve, tank or bull nose to the diameter required. Going down to the tighter radii can take many, many repetitions of this process.

The CNC control on the corro-curvers replaces this labour intensive process with a simple insert material and press go approach.

The operator is able to call up a previous job and set the machine in motion, then stand back and watch as the rollers produce high quality, accurate curves.

Even tight bends down to 160mm radius are achievable. The PC control system provides a user friendly programming system and large easy to read display.

These elements are crucial to a successful machine investment and the corro-urver supplies this in spades.

The gradual shortening of the bend length makes the transition from straight to curve smooth and attractive. The ability to operate the rolls in either vertical or horizontal orientation allows the production of large radius bends with the rollers vertical or tight bends with the rollers horizontal.

In vertical mode the rolls swivel on a trunnion to minimise the amount of floor space required when rolling large radii and to minimise stress in the material during curving. The corro-curver represents a big leap forward in the efficient production of tanks, bull noses and roof curving.

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