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Acra Machinery releases lazer safe camera based guarding system

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Lazer safe camera based guarding system from Acra Machinery adds increased functionality with bend angle confirmation package.

Utilising the existing digital camera technology of the LZS-005 press brake guarding system the add-on Lazer Safe IMG-100 imaging package provides a cost effective bend angle confirmation solution.

During operation of the press brake the LZS-005 laser transmitter and digital camera receiver provide operator protection as the tools close in high speed.

The system’s safety zone is used to detect an operator’s hands and fingers, or other item, entering the hazardous area between and around the tools.

After the work piece has been formed the digital camera takes an image and the data is transferred to the IMG-100 imaging package software that is installed in the press brake CNC system.

The IMG-100 processes the image data and calculates the bend angle within one second as the tools open so there is no delay in the operation of the press brake. The bend angle is then displayed to the operator on the CNC screen.

The CNC system can then use the calculated bend angle to perform a number of functions such as alerting the operator if the angle is out of tolerance or performing an auto correction to the bend program. (DURMA 3 meter x 320 tonne 9 axis Press Brake out the door. CNC capabilities are dependent upon manufacturer and model).

The IMG-100 can, dependent upon material and tools, calculate the bend angle down to a maximum resolution of +/- 0.3 of a degree.

The system also takes a reference image on each bend cycle and automatically adjusts to any variation in levels of ambient light. This ensures resolution and accuracy are achieved with each bend angle calculation.

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