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Acra Machinery releases backgauges

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In the past, before backgauges became common on long folders, operators would either snip the edges of the sheet or mark them with a pen along a tape measure.

As you can imagine, this takes time and every single flashing must be marked. Each flashing will be slightly different too, not much of a problem on the machine, but on the roof it can lead to issues. But that is another story all together.

Enter the backgauge, from Acra Machinery.  Program it once, and then start making profiles. Sure it might take a minute or so to program a flashing, but you can always save it and use it at a later date.

No marking, no aligns the sheet with a mark before each bend.

The backgauge is simple and fast. Generally, 1/3rd of the time taken to produce profiles on a long length Slitter Folder is in marking or snipping the material.

With a high speed backgauge fitted to your Jorns Long Length Slitter Folder this time is significantly reduced, with material positioning done in a matter of a few seconds. So, if the time is reduced taken to produce the flashings by 30%, it gives 84 hours per month to produce the same volume of flashings that a machine without a backgauge took 120.

So you can look at that as a saving, or the ability to produce more product, hence increasing revenue.

Press brake:

Press brake is a simple one, the addition of Z1 and Z2 axis. Z1/Z2 axis are a simple productivity upgrade allowing the operator to set up two sections of tooling along the machine and still use the backgauge to position the material.

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