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Pre-treatment of greasy wastewater

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ACQUA International’s Acqua Grease VGS - Vertical Gravity Separator - ‘revolutionises’ on site pre-treatment of greasy wastewater generated by the preparation of food, according to the manufacturer.

This system has been developed to effectively remove fat, oil and grease in wastewater. It also removes most of the heavy and suspended solids.

As a direct result, other wastewater quality indicators are improved, which include BOD (biological oxygen demand), ammonia, pH, phosphorous, sulphate and nitrogen.

Organisations that process or prepare food generate large amounts of trade waste containing grease and oil, suspended solids and numerous other pollutants. This wastewater is known as 'greasy waste'.

The current water authority policies require these organisations to install onsite pre-treatment equipment to improve the quality of greasy wastewater prior to discharging into the sewer system.

Grease traps are the most common forms of pre-treatment, but as laws tighten they are becoming very costly to keep on line.

Grease traps progressively become less efficient, as grease, oil and sludge accumulate. Regular cleaning of these pits along with frequent pump outs are required to prevent blockages, odour problems and health hazards.

The quality of wastewater discharged as trade waste can be used by water authorities to charge food outlets for their trade waste output.

Fees and charges are calculated by the quality of the wastewater leaving the premises.

If the client does not meet with the authorities guidelines then associated fees and charges can be very costly.

The Acqua VGS grease separator operates by ingenious control of both fluid velocity and pressure, which gently coaxes impurities from the water.

This allows high density contaminants to fall into a sludge retaining area at the bottom of the vessel and for the free grease and oil and low density suspended solids to rise to the top section of the separator where it flows into a grease retaining tank.

Testing has proven the grease separator system compared to existing grease traps, will greatly improve the quality of wastewater being discharged to sewer by conservatively 90 per cent or better.

The VGS system is set on a pre determined time frame to automatically and continuously clean itself by removing the sludge build up from the bottom of the VGS tank, and to also backflush and clean the VGS spiral pack.

Depending on the application a compulsory maintenance programme is set out whereby the holding pit screens and inline pump filters are serviced on a regular basis.

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