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Low cost oil-water separation

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THE Acqua VGS - vertical gravity separator - is a compact, low cost unit developed to separate non-emulsified oil and water.

Supplied by Acqua Internationa las a complete package, which includes both skimmer and pump, the Acqua VGS combines easy installation and low maintenance costs with high efficiency.

The Acqua VGS can be used as a stand-alone separator or to supplement the performance of existing systems.

For example, used as a pre-treatment step for a fine filter - which would quickly be overwhelmed and rendered useless by a high oil flow - the VGS removes the oil, ensuring significantly greater efficiency and life span of the filter.

Similarly, installing an Acqua VGS alongside an effluent interceptor can achieve the necessary water quality for discharge to sewer while oil and low-density waste solids can be profitably reclaimed or recycled.

Because the Acqua skimmer skims just a few millimetres from the surface of the oily water, the Acqua VGS can treat the zone of highest oil concentration allowing it to deal with the most relevant fraction of liquid.

As a result, a standard VGS can handle liquid from vessels containing thousands of litres.

Oily water is fed into the top of the VGS where gravity takes effect. The liquid flows over a spiral of oleophilic conical plates that form the heart of the oil/water separator.

Oil and oil-covered particles that form the density phase rise to the liquid surface inside the VGS and are taken off under gravity for the collection in a separate vessel.

Clean water discharges from an outlet at the side and can be recycled or disposed of as required.

Heavy contaminants fall into a sludge holding area at the base of the unit and can be drawn off as necessary.

The VGS is quick and easy to clean ensuring minimum downtime, maintenance and mess.

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