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Acoustifoam, Aeropac for noise control from Acoustica

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Acoustifoam from Acoustica is a fibre-free economical alternative for fibreglass or rockwool. Acoustifoam is easy to cut into shape and is also suitable for irregular surfaces and curves. In industries, the Acoustifoam EU70 is used extensively in machinery enclosures for generators, compressors, fan ducting, engine compartments, blowers and air-conditioners. Aeropac is energy efficient with a consumption of only 9 watts of power with an air-change of 60 m³/hr. Safety features in the Aeropac include low voltage operation and a built-in thermal overload.

Angel Step is an acoustic underlay for solid timber, carpets or laminated floating floors. Angel Step includes an 8 millimetre layer of double needle punched polyester matting sandwiched between 4 kg/m² ‘visco-elastic’ polymer flexible noise barriers. The ‘decoupled flexible floating’ top noise barrier in the Angle Step greatly reduces the airborne sound waves. AquaMarine 3D is a flexible acoustic insulation for marine applications, suitable for irregular surfaces.

AquaMarine flexible laminates are specifically engineered to absorb and control noise in main and auxiliary engine enclosures and to line partition walls and bulkheads. The Acoustica Rigid Duct (ARD) is a lightweight, high density acoustic or thermal insulating material. Acoustica Rigid Duct is manufactured from thermally bonded polyester with perforated foil laminated on one side.

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