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Acoustiflex and Acoustiflex PL for soundproofing from Acoustica

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Acoustica  offers soundproofing products for marine and transport industries. Acoustiflex F from Acoustica is an effective barrier to reduce airborne noise that travels in and out of lined spaces. Acoustiflex F is effective against external noise such as rail transportation and motor vehicles, neighbouring properties and adjoining offices. Acoustiflex F contains the internal noise within home theatres, offices and entertainment areas. Industrial applications include a flexible noise barrier and absorber for machinery enclosures, noise screens and strip curtains in factories.

Acoustiflex PL Acoustic Pipe Lagging is designed to contain intrusive noise generated by the turbulent flow of waste-water through pipes and fittings. A quiet environment is mandated by the Building Code of Australia for hotels, residential apartments, motels, aged care buildings, townhouses and other attached buildings. Acoustiflex PL Acoustic Pipe Lagging from Acoustica comprises of a noise barrier that controls pipe-wall vibrating noise and a high density sound absorber for the wastewater stream noise. Acoustiflex PL from Acoustica is also available with a choice of a flat or convoluted sound absorber.

The special construction of Acoustiflex PL combines mechanical strength along with flexibility, offering significant time saving during installation. Acoustifoam EU70 from Acoustica is a flat sheet polyester foam soundproofing material that offers fine sound absorption in mid and high frequency range.

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