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Acoustica Products for marine, transport and architectural sectors

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Acoustica  products also feature in marine, transport and architectural departments for sound absorption and sound insulation purposes. Acoustica products are used in walls, ceilings, doors, floors, pipes, ducts, in large spaces, in workstations and for purpose designed areas. Acoustiflex finds use in almost all these categories. Acoustiflex is a loaded resin with bonded polyester that has low and high frequency attenuation. It is also resistant to water, chemicals, oil and against tear.

Soundbricks, Kliptex, Acoustifoam EU70, HD White Batts, Reflecta Range are used in walls and ceilings. The products HD and ARD Batts are used for ducts while Aeropac is used in ventilation. Echosorb finds use in large spaces and workstations.

In the marine field, Acoutica products are used in engine rooms, floors and for vibration damping. Angel step and Floating Floor are used for floors which give a cushioning effect in floating floors. They are also moisture resistant. Vybar and Aquamarine D are used in engine rooms due to their resistance against salt and chemicals, non toxic nature and resistance to molds.

Acoustica products are also compatible in transport industry in engine compartments and for vibration damping. Acoustifoam EU70 is used in engine compartments. This product has features including ease of taking different shapes, wide colour range and different surface finishes.

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