Acoustica manufactures noise control products and has solutions for soundproofing and acoustic treatments for walls, ceilings and floors for all sorts of applications. Acoustica's range of products include Acoustic Absorbers, Acoustic Barriers, Acoustic Dampers, Acoustic printed designer panels and Acoustic air ventilators.


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25/09/12 - Acoustica has developed NoiseShield flexible noise screens, designed to operate as a noise barrier and vibration damping material.
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14/09/12 - Leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of acoustic insulation products, Acoustica introduces an innovative acoustic pipe insulation designed to reduce carbon emissions.
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05/09/08 - Acoustica offers noise control products to fulfil the soundproofing needs of clients. Acoustica also offers marine products for engine rooms. Bulkheads and ceiling lining from Acoustica meet the requirements of the International Maritime Organization
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04/09/08 - Acoustica offers soundproofing products for marine and transport industries. Acoustiflex F from Acoustica is an effective barrier to reduce airborne noise that travels in and out of lined spaces.
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Acoustica Brands

Acoustica 'All-In-One' Floating Floors Acoustiflex Acoustiflex pipe Lagging Acoustiflex® PL Acoustiflex® PL Convoluted Acoustiflex® Wall System Aeropac® Angel Step Cheops Pyramids Echostop® JoYn® Kliptex Sonex

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