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Briquetting press for waste reduction

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article image RUF briquetting -- highly efficient.

GROWING pressure is being placed on Australian business to reduce waste volume and to recycle materials wherever possible. The highly efficient RUF briquetting press, available from Acora Reneco , helps in both these goals.

Trials conducted for a leading manufacturer of automotive gearboxes produced three 1kg briquettes and 1.75 litres of mineral oil from a 20-litre bucket of steel swarf.

The briquettes will be remelted and recycled and the mineral oil will be filtered and re-introduced into the production process. The full sample of three cubic metres in two large boxes of metal swarf was reduced to one small box of briquettes and about 60 litres of mineral oil.

All of this had previously been waste material but can now be reused representing vast savings to the manufacturer.

The company purchased a press, calculating their Return on Investment solely on oil recovery. Since then they have also received higher prices for their swarf, in the form of briquettes.

Mineral oil is easily filtered to remove metal filings and can then be reintroduced straight back into the production process and briquettes result in huge savings in transport costs to your recycler.

Briquettes are welcomed by most recyclers as they are readily used and don't have to be further processed to remove oils and emulsions.

Metal waste and by-product of almost any type can be briquetted for the purposes of recovering valuable oils and emulsions, to reduce transport costs or to make hazardous materials (such as magnesium) safe for transport.

Briquettes can be formed in a huge range of shapes and sizes to suit your application.

Acora Reneco is able to process samples of your waste material and help you to evaluate potential waste reduction and material recovery benefits for your business.

Visit Acora Reneco on Stand 2206 at National Manufacturing Week, Sydney Exhibition Centre, June 1-4.

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