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375ml Can Invertors from Achado Pty Ltd

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Achado Pty Ltd  introduces a new range of can invertor boxes designed to turn 375ml beverage cans upside down on the conveyor.

The rectangular entrance and exit of the can invertor allows easy alignment with guide rails.  

Maintenance requirements are low because there are no moving parts to fail in the can invertors.  

Unlike conventional plastic twist can invertors, Achado can invertors are made of only four solid pieces, securely fixed together with no misalignment.

Achado can invertors enable high speed operation at the rate of over 1000 cans per minute, thanks to the tight-fitting twisted tunnel and smooth surfaces. Cans will exit the invertor straight without any angular momentum.

Achado can invertors help save floor space in the factory, inverting 375ml beverage cans in only 350mm.

Achado manufactures invertor boxes for beverage cans, bottles and various food and beverage packages.

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