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PCB assemblies and screen printing from Acetronics PCBs

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Acetronics PCBs  specialises in offering solder paste stencils, assembly plus contract NC milling, glue stencils and front panels. Acetronics PCBs provides screen-printing services also. Acetronics PCBs also offers screening printing for the electronics industry.

Acetronics PCBs produces front panels having die cut holes. Acetronics PCBs also specialises in printing on electrical switch panels, cases and boxes. Screen-printing is also combined with chemical etching of front panels made from aluminium. The parts of screen-printing can be combined along with NC milling service provided by Acetronics PCBs. The solder paste stencils from Acetronics PCBs is made from brass materials and it is ideal for use in assembly works.

NC milling of shapes and holes into front panels and boxes are available at Acetronics PCBs. This NC milling services from Acetronics PCBs is ideal for producing prototypes. Acetronics PCBs offers NC Milling that is called mechanical routing. Two different types of routing are present in the circuit board industry. One includes artwork and the other is to route out different shapes using milling process.

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