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Six unique features of drawer cabinets from Acerack

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Acerack 's cabinets and drawer systems are generally used in the mining, automotive and spare parts industries. These products are mainly suited for applications in which dust resistance and security are required. Acerack’s cabinets and drawers are very suitable for storing small parts. Acerack’s drawers are designed to provide 150kgs storage capacity, with their heavy duty slides fully open.

Acerack’s interlocked drawers are designed to open one at a time. The protective feature of these drawers resists the probability of multiple drawers being opened at the same time. There are two keys available for each unit that constitutes the locking system of the drawer cabinets. Acerack’s drawers are provided with dividers with no hidden costs and their handles are provided with label cover.

Yet another robust product from Acerack is the bench, which is available under the MB166, MB169, MB276 and MB279 series. The widths and depths of these items are 1600mm x 650mm; 1600mm x 910mm; 2710mm x 650mm and 2710mm x 910mm. The benches have heights of 940mm including the intermediate shelf.

Mobile packing benches are available from Acerack across from item numbers MM1 to MM3. Their heights are 1070mm, 990mm, 920mm. The MM2 and MM3 series of mobile bench kits have heights lower than the standard straight length due to the inclusion of cutting charge.

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