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Weighbridge servicing completed by Accuweigh’s QWM branch in Brisbane

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article image Weighbridge servicing was recently conducted by Accuweigh on a weighbridge at Neilson's quarry
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Accuweigh ’s QWM branch at Brisbane recently completed weighbridge servicing on a weighbridge at Neilson’s quarry near Beaudesert in Queensland.

The weighbridge was fully serviced and then tested with certified test weights using QWM’s weighbridge test unit.

Accuweigh advises that regular weighbridge servicing can significantly extend the life expectancy of a weighbridge’s load cells.

Most weighbridge load cells feature a rocker pin design which allows the load cell to freely rock back and forth in line, with weighbridge deck movement caused by forces generated by truck braking and acceleration on the weighbridge deck.

Excessive weighbridge end to end movements can cause physical load cell damage if the degree of tilt is not tightly controlled. All weighbridges are fitted with physical end stops to prevent excessive deck movement, but these need to be adjusted seasonally to suit the expansion and contraction of the weighbridge deck.

Weighbridge steelwork contracts during colder months, and end clearances need to be adjusted to prevent excessive clearances.

During summer, the end clearances need to be increased to cope with weighbridge expansion which otherwise would cause weighing errors when the weighbridge deck binds against the end stops.

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