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Ultrahawke celebrates its 150th anniversary and opens new premises

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Many of Australia's well known scale companies helped Ultrahawke celebrate its 150th anniversary and the opening of its new premises in Melbourne’s Campbellfield.

This rare Australian event was attended by many well known scale industry identities from across Australia, various high profile staff from the NMI and Weight and Measures departments, retired scale people, customers and suppliers of Ultrahawke.

After so many years in operation, any small business could claim to be a heavy weight in its industry sector, but in the case of Melbourne’s Ultrahawke, the claim is fact.

Ultrahawke is regarded as Australia’s most prestigious manufacturer of weighbridges and heavy capacity scales. Such longevity is no mean feat for a small business that started operating in 1857 - a time when Australia was still a British penal colony and the country’s population numbered just one million people.

Ultrahawke started life as Hawke & Co in Kupunda, South Australia. By 1890, the company had more than 90 people on its books, employed in a variety of trades, to keep pace with the ever-growing demand for heavy-duty mechanical scales, weighbridges and other engineered products.

A contract after the First World War to supply SA Railways entrenched Hawke as Australia’s premier supplier of locally made scales and weighbridges, a title that still holds true today.

In 1983, Hawke & Co merged with Ultra Scales to become Ultrahawke - which is owned by Salter Australia Holdings – Australia and New Zealand’s big industrial weighing and packaging group.

Today, Ultrahawke supplies scales and weighbridges to many industries such as waste management and recycling and meets an ever-increasing road safety requirement for detecting overload vehicles for Australia’s various Main Roads Authorities.

Its recent move to Melbourne’s Cambellfield reflects the Company’s growth and need for bigger and better premises. Its birthday bash also marks the official opening of the new premises.

Company Chief Executive Officer Brenton Cunningham said one of the secrets of its business success was the “incredible dedication” of the loyal staff, many of whom had spent their working lives at the firm.

“We have moved with the times and embraced new technologies, but without our people, we couldn’t deliver our world-class product,” Cunningham said.

“An example of the way in which our staff feels about the company was evident at the birthday celebrations, which was attended by some of the Hawke Foundry’s original workers – who came to share their experiences”.

“Ultrahawke’s relocation marks a new chapter in what is one of Australia’s longest running business success stories. We’re all proud to be a part of it and we look forward to forging a long history in our new home.”

All the management and staff of Accuweigh congratulate Ultrahawke on reaching this incredible milestone of 150 years in business.

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