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Testing In-Motion Rail Weighbridges from Accuweigh

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article image Testing In-Motion Rail Weighbridge

Testing In-Motion Rail Weighbridges for accuracy requires multiple carriages of known weight to be repeatedly moved across the in-motion weighbridge to verify its accuracy under real working conditions.

It is extremely important that the known weight of these test carriages is very accurate as even the smallest weight variation will be multiplied many times during the extensive testing procedure.

In preparation for the weight verification of these test carriages owned by both the NSW State Rail and Australian Rail Track Corporation (RATC), Accuweigh’s Newcastle branch is currently performing the annual certification of Cargill’s Oil & Seeds rail weighbridges, of 90.00t and 70.00t capacities which are the actual rail weighbridges used for weighing the test carriages.

Once the rail weighbridge is certified, the test carriages must be tested with 24 hours to ensure the highest weighing accuracy is attained.

The rail test carriages are then used for testing of the various in-motion rail weighbridges in Northern NSW.

Accuweigh  is a huge industrial weighing company with service crews throughout Australia that regularly perform testing and calibration duties as at Cargill's rail weighbridge.

Cargill established a presence in Australia in 1968 to service the country’s large grain exports and has since extended its involvement into several other agricultural industries including oilseed and beef processing, flour milling, as well as grain and cotton trading, and grain storage.

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