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Payload Monitoring System Increases Profits For NSW Grain Haulier

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Accuweigh’s PayloadMonitoring System increases haulage profitability for a truck & dogcombination operating out of the Goondiwindi area in Northern New South Wales.Due to the unavailability of a weighbridge within 100km of the loading point,this client previously under-loaded his vehicle to avoid being fines foroverloading.

Unfortunately,under-loading his vehicle was costing this owner operator cartage fees thatwould have paid his fuel bill for each two way trip.  Accuweigh’s Brisbane branch supplied thePayload Monitoring System which the mechanically competent driver fittedhimself following the simple installation instructions.

The self-installedPayload Monitoring System was configured, tested and calibrated by one ofAccuweigh’s experienced service technicians when next in the driver’s area tominimise travel costs. This owner operator has since reported very goodweighing accuracy is being achieved which ensures full load carrying capacitycan be maintained on all hauls without risk of accidental overloading.

Accuweigh’s TruckWeighPayload Monitoring System is manufactured by Vishay Precision Group in the UKand is specifically designed as a low cost option for vehicles fitted with spring,air or rubber block suspensions. Due to its cleverdesign, TruckWeigh can also be used on any combination for these suspensiontypes; spring front, air drive, rubber block on trailer, etc.

TruckWeigh has no moving parts and is notsusceptible to wear or slipping out of calibration due to stretched or sagging springswhich is common in other overload monitoring systems. This Overloading Solutionis simple to install and is usually completed withinone working day for both new and existing vehicles.

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