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Overload warning systems from Accuweigh increase safety

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The Brisbane South branch of Accuweigh recently fitted automatic overload warning systems to a Ford Ranger Utility that was customised for operation on both road and rail lines. Two overload warning systems were fitted to each vehicle to ensure high vehicle stability is maintained at all times.

The first overload warning system monitors the payload stored on the vehicle’s tray for both road and rail modes with the following responses:

  • for road operation, vehicle speed is limited to 15kph
  • for rail operation, power is completely cut

The second overload warning system functions only in rail mode and monitors the weight on each of the four rail wheels to ensure correct weight distribution is achieved before operation of the vehicle. 

Gibson Tru-Body manufactures customised road/rail vehicles for various Rail Departments at their Brendale factory in Brisbane’s north. These road/rail vehicles are normally fitted with track monitoring equipment but can also used to transport staff, materials and tools to and from different work sites along the rail lines.

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