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Industrial Check Weigher Installed by Accuweigh for Organic Recycler

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An industrial check weigher supplied by Accuweigh is in use at a Victorian organic recycling company specialising in processing animal by-products.  

The industrial check weigher was manufactured to the client’s specifications and commissioned by Accuweigh’s Melbourne branch.  

The check weigher has been installed at the recycling company to ensure that packed bags of various blood and meat meal products are of correct weight after they exit the bagging line.    

Bags in capacities of 25kg and 35kg are conveyed to the industrial check weigher from an existing bag filling process at a rate of up to ten bags per minute.  

Accuweigh’s AccuCheck range of industrial check weighers is Australian made and incorporates a variable frequency drive to enable it to be synchronised to the belt speed of the existing bagging line.  

Key features:

  • Comparator light tower with red/amber/green indicators
  • Fitted with a reject function to enable under/over weight bags to be automatically removed from the inspection line
  • Operator display indicates all required check weighing information including the number of bags in each of the weight categories (under/over/correct weight) passing over the check weigher
Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weigh packaging group with branches in all mainland states.  

Accuweigh provides after sales support on check weighers, metal detection equipment and X-ray food inspection systems. 

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