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Huge Weigh Hoppers from Accuweigh Installed at Brisbane Waste Treatment Plant

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Accuweigh  has recently commissioned twin weigh hoppers at the Luggage Point Waste Treatment Plant located at the mouth of the Brisbane River.  

Featuring a capacity of 200 tonnes each, the weigh hoppers are used for weighing the sludge by-product generated from the onsite waste treatment processes.  

The high-capacity weigh hoppers were installed by Accuweigh’s QWM branch in Brisbane.  

The weigh hoppers measure over eight metres in height and each is fitted with 8 x 30T capacity load cells manufactured fully in stainless steel for strong corrosion resistance.  

Accuweigh 5000 digital weight indicators are used to display the weight of sludge in each weigh hopper, and the reading is transmitted to the site’s SCADA system using a 4-20mA analogue output module.  

A unique feature of the weigh hoppers is an SMS module that allows the contracted sludge collection company to query the machines via phone for information regarding the weight of sludge currently stored.  

Designed for increased collection efficiency, the module sends an SMS message to the company detailing the weight of sludge, following which the contractor organises the most cost-effective means for the collection trucks to visit the plant and remove the sludge.  

Accuweigh is a specialist provider of industrial weighing machines, offering their expertise and cost-effective weighing solutions for every weighing application.

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