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Food x-ray machine from Accuweigh inspecting food sauces for contaminants

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article image XR series food x-ray machines can also simultaneously function as a checkweigher

A food x-ray machine was recently commissioned for a food processing and packaging company in South Australia. Supplied by Accuweigh ’s Adelaide branch, the XR-3000P food x-ray machine is Australian Made with superior product support available from eight Accuweigh branches across mainland states.

This client required a food x-ray inspection system for a new packaging line of various prepared food products, including baby foods and food sauces contained in foil pouches.

A food x-ray machine was required for detecting the typical organic contaminants that can be found in these food groups, such as very small stones for the vegetable products and bones in the fish products.

Accuweigh’s XR series food x-ray machines also have the ability to simultaneously function as a high speed checkweigher by comparing product mass against reference samples to an accuracy of 1% (depending on product).

In many cases, this checkweighing functionality can offset the higher initial costs of industrial grade food x-ray machines by eliminating the need for an additional checkweigher to confirm correct package weights.

Accuweigh is the exclusive Australian re-seller of the Australian Made range of food x-ray machinery manufactured by Applied Sorting Technologies in Melbourne.

Local manufacture allows AST machines to be custom configured to suit the client's existing conveyor sizes, motor controller and drive systems.

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