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Christmas Island Phosphates buy Fuji-Ace EC-201 palletisers from Accuweigh

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Accuweigh’s  Perth branch recently sold a Fuji-Ace high speed palletiser to Christmas Island Phosphates for palletising bags of phosphate. Christmas Island Phosphates required a palletiser to stack the bags onto rope slings for transportation by ship.

The Fuji-Ace EC-201 palletiser completes 1600 cycles per hour and comes with a pneumatically operated bag gripper assembly, energy conserving servo motors and a heavy-duty support base. The palletiser’s control panel incorporates a multi-function user-friendly, touch screen display and is supplied with a hand-held ‘teaching box’ for easy programming.

Accuweigh’s Fuji-Ace EC-201 palletiser has the following advantages:

  • 1000 bags per hour
  • Operator friendly
  • Compact footprint
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Local support in Western Australia

The Fuji-Ace EC-201 palletiser features ultra quite operation and is fitted with linear guides designed for palletising. The Fuji-Ace EC-201 palletiser has the following specifications:

  • Weight capacity: 200kg
  • Speed: Up to 1600 cycles per hour (dependant on application)
  • Vertical operating distance: 2300mm
  • Reach: Distance up to 1500mm
  • Body rotation: 330 degrees

An indexing conveyor is a belt over roller type designed to work in unison with the existing bag feed conveyor. As the bags are presented from the existing bag conveyor, it drives until the bag is completely on the new conveyor and then stops. This allows the bags to be positioned nose to tail and thus provide a constant flow to the feed conveyor. The motor utilised is SEW-driven through a variable speed drive. The motor and drive have been selected specifically for the indexing movement.

Feed conveyor is a belt over mild steel slide type and is driven by an SEW motor directly mounted on the drive shaft. Mounted directly after the indexing conveyor, the feed conveyor takes a bag and speeds up the bag to drive directly onto the pick conveyor.

The Pick-Up conveyor is designed to operate in conjunction with the robot gripper assembly. It is a driven roller conveyor with the rollers spaced as necessary to allow the gripper fingers to fit between them. This allows the robot gripper fingers to close around under the bundle. The rollers are lagged and are driven by a belt system, which is turn is driven by a gear motor. The belt drive uses an over-under path to provide the necessary space between rollers. Transfer conveyor is a chain in guide type and is driven by an SEW motor directly mounted on the drive shaft.

Mounted in the robot area, the transfer conveyor moves the filled sling sideways to allow the operator access to attach the sling. The transfer conveyors also give the fork lift more room to operate.

The light curtain system is designed to detect personnel entering a protected area and provide an emergency shutdown of equipment within the protected area, while allowing filled pallets to automatically exit the protected area in normal operation.

A light curtain provides a light guard across the forklift access. The breaking of any of the light curtain’s beams caused by someone entering through the guarded area trips the safety control and generates an emergency stop.

Once tripped, the light curtain needs to be manually reset by a control located on the outside of the protected area. The personnel responsible for resetting the light curtain must ensure that all personnel have left the protected area before a reset is established. Once the light curtain trip is reset, the system control power can be re-established and system restarted by the operator.

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