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Automatic Wheel Wash System Installed by Accuweigh for Port Pirie Wharf

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Automatic wheel wash systems from Accuweigh are designed to remove fugitive dust adhering to truck wheels and tyres during the truck unloading process.  

Accuweigh is installing an automatic wheel wash system for a large mining company at their busy Port Pirie facility in South Australia.  

The wheel washer will eliminate fugitive dust and potential tracking out when the trucks exit the wharf facilities and onto public roads.  

Zac Bartolovic from Accuweigh’s Port Adelaide branch sold the fully automatic, self-cleaning DTW-241 wheel and tyre wash system.  

Accuweigh’s wheel washers are fitted with a Hydrocyclone solids separator, which removes grit and solids from the recycled wash water to ensure better wheel washing performance while also offering extra protection for truck paintwork.  

The Hydrocyclone is very environmentally-friendly with water-saving capabilities as the improved water quality greatly reduces the need for water stored in the wheel wash system to be dumped and replaced with fresh water.  

Accuweigh’s DTW-241 wheel wash systems are fitted with an automatic sludge remover, which discharges solids from the base of the reclaim water tank after every wheel wash cycle.  

A self-contained steel pit is also being supplied by Accuweigh to enable the wheel wash system to be easily relocated with minimal associated costs.  

Accuweigh offers a full range of truck wheel and tyre washing systems at their branches in all mainland states. Custom wheel washing solutions can also be manufactured to suit specific applications.

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