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Accuweigh updates Allied Mill’s DCS with Ticket Aid Pro+ software

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Accuweigh  has updated the existing Driver Control Station (DCS) with new Ticket Aid Pro+ software at Allied Mill’s Mile End plant in Adelaide.

This was done by Accuweigh’s own software development company, Advanced Australian Software (AAS), and the supplied Milling weighbridge software co-ordinates both incoming grains from farmers and the outgoing flour to Allied Mill’s customers.

All drivers access the system via the driver control station’s keyboard display and all incoming and outgoing materials were linked to a Job Number which close automatically (or by admin) depending on the setting of the job.

AAS weighbridge software allows split weighing via the Driver Control Station (DCS) and can be selectable for individual truck in the configuration.

AAS weighbridge software system is specifically designed for milling factories so it can track all in coming grain and outgoing flour and linked them to in-house job numbers and this weighbridge software can be switched between manned or unmanned operation.

This is the same weighbridge software installed in Western Milling’s Port Adelaide plant that is highly regarded by both the weighbridge operators and the truck drivers using AAS’s Driver Control Station.

Accuweigh has six models of Driver Control Station using various operator interfaces ranging from basic PC keyboards, IP67 industrial sealed keyboards through to full touch screen monitors.

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