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Accuweigh supplies automatic bag closer and palletiser to salt refinery

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article image Accuweigh’s automatic bag top former

A West Australian salt producer has contracted Accuweigh to incorporate an automatic bag top former and bag closer together with a robot palletiser into its existing bagging line to minimise the labour requirements associated with manually handling filled bags of salt.

The automatic bag top former eliminates the operator task of presenting open filled bags to a Sewing Machine or Heat Sealer in a Bag Closing Line.

Accuweigh’s automatic bag top former is free standing and mounted over the top of the closing conveyor between the dual fed nett weight open mouth bag filling machine and the automatic sewing machine.

When the open filled bag is detected by the bag top former, two vertical prongs extend into the top of the open filled bag whilst moving along the conveyor and stretches the bag evenly in opposite directions.

The bag top former continues to hold the top of the bag in the stretched position, whilst two horizontal arms at the front and rear of the filled bag come together above the head of product, guiding the top of the filled bag between the guide rails leading to the automatic sewing machine.

Once in the guide rails, the vertical prongs retract and the horizontal arms extend and then they return to the start position ready for the next bag, whilst the previous filled bag is presented to the automatic sewing machine.

The filled bags are closed by the automatic sewing machine, then turned in a bottom first configuration through a bag flattener for even distribution of product in the bag, followed by a pneumatic operated bag side guide to correctly position the filled bag onto the powered roller bag pick-up conveyor for palletising.

The Fuji-Ace EC-141 robot palletiser automatically picks up the filled bags from the bag pick-up conveyor and stacks the bags onto the pallet presented by the pallet feed conveyor, which is dispensed from the automatic pallet dispenser.

This ensures continuous operation of the system at all times. The robot palletiser comes complete with control panel incorporating a multi- function user friendly touch screen display, hand held teaching box for ease of programming, energy conserving servo motors and heavy duty support base.

Included with the robot palletiser is safety fencing to enclose the palletising area with guard fencing and light curtains.

Accuweigh is conscious of the safety issues involved with a robot palletising installation and takes great care in providing a robust, reliable and safe system. The Fuji-Ace EC-141 robot palletiser fully complies with all aspects of as4024-1 category 2 safeguarding of machinery.

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